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Isabella's story

I love that food bolsters any celebration,
particularly cake!

I admire how versatile cake can be; perfectly understated with a hot beverage amongst friends or the crowning glory (showstopper if you will) of any size and type of occasion. Cake just makes it!


My love for all things cooking and baking was ignited by my grandmother, but my skills come from my training. Disclaimer - that is not to say my grandmother isn’t skilled, she makes a mean tiramisu!


I trained for 3 years and graduated from The National Bakery School in 2018. Whilst studying, I worked for the Lord Mayor at Mansion House as a pastry chef where I got to work alongside some of the most wonderful and hardworking chefs in the business, creating more than 500 dishes per night. My experience and roots led me to travel overseas back to Italy to hone and develop my skills, as well as baking in London.


Soon after graduating I set up my business and haven’t looked back! Being your own boss at a young age has its trials and tribulations, however, I am humbled and grateful by all the support I have received to help me and my small business grow.


My motto is "GO LOCAL, NOT GLOBAL"


I use all local ingredients from independent businesses in order to make my treats. Sourcing wonderfully fresh products that are local makes everything taste better!

A cake from Taylor Made Cakes not only helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, but it also supports independent businesses - which puts a smile on my face because the pennies that I spend creating my sweet treats go to growing families, which means your pennies do too.

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